Video Game Industry Is Changing This Decade For The Better

Video Game Industry is changing the way people spend their leisure time. Initially, when games launched, some cultures rejected the idea of games as staying on screens to play and spend their free-time was considered “brain-rotting.”

But, the new generation is full of techies and youth that are working towards making gaming experience realistic and educational.

Why are modern games thriving?

  • Graphics- This is “the” cause why modern games are so popular. The improved and advanced graphics are capable of attracting people, and the realistic nature of games keeps them glued to their screen.
  • Frame-rate- As technology improved, frame rates per second also developed. In older times, the highest frame achievable would be 13, but modern games can go over 60 frames per second, which ensures high performance.
  • Support- Modern Video Game Industry knows the importance of user support and their opinions. Every game acknowledges the importance of user reviews; hence they have a beta trial available for users to enroll in, which helps them identify the problems before the roll-out of a new feature.
  • Marketing- Recently, marketing has begun to play an essential role in the popularity of games. Advertisements and promotions garner attention; hence, in turn, attract more gamers.

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Benefits of Video Games:

  • Improved hand to eye coordination- An extraordinary study claimed that those who played video games for over 3 hours a week had better coordination and stability compared to their non-gaming counterparts. It increases accuracy and efficiency by 32%, especially for surgeons who are required to handle delicate and small parts.
  • Health condition- Holds for patients experiencing “dyslexia,” especially as the patients have lower attention spans. Video games have proven to improve their reading comprehension, notably if the user plays a heavy on an action game.
  • Vision- Games played in moderation enable players to make use of both their eyes equally as opposed to favoring their “active” eye. Significant improvement got observed as users begin to engage their “lazy” eye as well.
  • Leadership- Video games that get played in a community or as the gaming community calls it, “squad” have proven to improve leadership skills, which leads to motivation in realistic goals as well.
  • History- Many games get based on the plotline of historical events, which has increased player’s curiosity level and has driven them to research about the related events.
  • Active- As opposed to popular belief that video games make a person “lazy,” the modern games have inspired the players to take up the game challenges in real life; whereas, other games engage full-body activity while playing.
  • Aging- Video games have shown to reduce the aging process amongst the older players as it activates their brains to think and program their thoughts into the games. Several studies show that 10 hours of gaming per week led to slowed aging and faster thinking.
  • Pain- Video games ensure that the gamer engages and focuses on the game entirely; this distracts them from the strain; hence is known to relieve aches as it can produce an analgesic response.
  • Social- Multi-player interactive games can help establish new social connections with people one wouldn’t have spoken or interacted with otherwise. It is an easy way to interact with people and develop communities.

All these prove that video games are not just an excellent way to spend leisure time, but they also have health benefits. The Video Game Industry is launching new and improved games that will ensure that your gaming experience is like never before. For more information, click below:


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