Labeling device purchase advice 2020

How to find the best product in a labeling device test or beschriftungsgerät test

If you are looking for a good labeling device, you will find it at the manufacturer’s Brother. A labeling device is usually a hand or table printer, through which you can print letters and other characters on a tape or label.

You can also find mechanical models on the market, through which you can punch or emboss the characters in a writing tape. There are numerous applications for labeling devices. For example, you can use these devices to mark storage cans, garden tools, office items, plant pots, or clothing.

Who would like to buy a marking device, should inform first intensively for example in a marking device comparison about the different models. Because this way you can ultimately discover the best labeling device from Casio, Dymo, Brother, or another brand for your purpose.

Overview of different types of labeling machines

Labeling devices can be very useful in the office or in your own four walls, for example. If you would like to purchase such a device, you will be able to choose between two different ways of doing so.

The labeling devices are offered for example at Media Markt as well as at other electrical stores, at many online stores and now and then at Aldi, at Lidl as well as at some other discounters or supermarkets.

But what exactly makes the two types of labeling equipment different? We would like to describe this in more detail below. Labeling device test or beschriftungsgerät test

Labeling device type Description

Mechanical marking device If you would like to purchase the marking device at a favorable price, a mechanical embossing device could be a possibility for you. These are usually inexpensive and can usually be operated easily.

With such a device you must click usually the letter, the number, or the special character. Then the character is stamped into the tape. You should note, however, that each character is stamped into the tape individually.

Because of this, you will need a little time and patience if you want to use a mechanical embossing device. In addition, you should know that the font sizes and fonts are usually limited with such an embossing device. However, the formatting options are also usually limited.

For example, it is often not possible to underline words or characters with a mechanical marking device. For this purpose, you can use mechanical marking devices on the move. A power source is also not necessary to operate these devices.

In addition, the embossing is very distinct and the labels are usually scratch- and water-resistant. Electrical labeling device Electrical labeling devices are the successors of mechanical devices. Most of these devices are equipped with a display.

You can usually enter the characters manually. Afterward, the labels are printed out, basically the same as with a conventional printer. Some models even have a USB port, so you can transfer the texts or characters from a PC via the USB port.

In addition, electrical labeling devices usually offer many formatting and labeling options. However, some labels may scratch off or fade. However, such labeling devices are especially useful if you plan to use the device frequently.

There are both the one or other labeling device with a power supply unit as well as electrical labeling devices that are operated with an accumulator or batteries.

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