We need to make individual decisions that lead us to a way for a better future, a good career, and a happy life. Specifically, when it comes to career, nothing can beat a well-planned strategy to achieve it after we are crystal clear about what career we want to pursue.

We all have had those moments while growing up when our parents’ sort of express or impose their dearly wishes to turn us into some medico! Some might argue that by their free will choosing this profession for service, which is a fair argument to take, there is nothing wrong with it, but the bigger question is, how do you successfully enter a medical career?

The answer to the above question is PREPARATION. And to crack any of the medical sciences entrance exams, you need two things: A plan/ strategy and Smart work. Generally, after the 10th standard, we prefer the stream that we want to study.

Since you are interested in making a career in the medical sciences, you must have enrolled yourself in the science stream with major Biology as per the Indian Education System. Your preparation ideally should start from your 11th std onwards, which makes your exam-ready after your 12th std to crack the medical entrance exam.

Understanding the demand for the examination:

  • Your plan/strategy is essentially an approach towards handling an exam, right? You can tackle it better when you know what the exam demands, which means knowing your syllabus and analysis of previous years’ papers for a particular exam you are targeting because various national and state-level medical sciences and related exams are conducted.
  • You will find most of your syllabus in 11th, and 12th std (BPCM/ PCB) is in concurrence with the syllabus for any medical sciences So, by the time you finish school, you would eventually have completed the syllabus for medical entrance.
  • If you have already finished your higher secondary school and thinking of appearing for medical entrances, then also, it does not make any difference. Just stick to your basic books, which you have already covered in class 11th and 12th for every subject.
  • Referring to old papers is very important, in any case, it gives you a glimpse of how your exam paper is going to be like. It primes your brain to solve the problem according to the exam pattern and in the long run, saves you from anxiety before the exam. This is smart work. Hit the bull’s eye by focusing on core areas of the syllabus; old papers are the key to it.

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  • Fragment your syllabus
  • Set daily or weekly targets to cover specific topics
  • Keep a day at the end of every week to test and assess your performance.
  • Revise

Take online/offline tests:

  • Many institutes offer online and offline tests; you should practice them. There are books available that cater to the needs of aspirants like you; you should try solving those MCQs out.

Medical sciences offer great opportunity to work for the greater good. Invest all your energy and time into intense preparation for the big day.  All the best.

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